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The Brain Health Education Pack
Because we believe that every child deserves to know the importance of food, water and sleep for both their physical and mental health - and how to monitor them, we have developed an interactive multimedia Brain Health Education Pack for educators to use in the classroom.

Addressing brain health in early childhood is proving to bring about long term improvements in behavioural concerns, mental health issues, depression, anxiety, self harm, heart disease, diabetes, obesity, family violence and addictions.

Mental and emotional stability is founded on Nutrition, Hydration and Sleep  - FOOD - WATER - SLEEP

Modern learning is a social and collaborative process of knowledge building where a learner interacts with the content and the instructor as well as with peers. Educational interactions within an early learning centre can be of three types:
Learner-to-Content interactions. Learner-to-Instructor interactions. Learner-to-Learner interactions.

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Produced by - The Brain Health Education Institute

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