Interactive Multimedia Engages and Inspires Early Learners
The Resouces Keypad Is The First And Only Classroom Interactive Multimedia Software To Enable Anyone, Regardless Of Technical Or Teaching Skills To Totally Engage Early Learners With Interactive Images, Sounds & Videos.
And not only that, all of these resources were developed and produced in collaboration with professional educators using actual photographs, original sounds and interactive narrations.
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No longer will you be forced to sacrifice your valuable family time looking for programming resources for the classroom - The Kids Keypad includes all of the resources you need for the 15 most popular early learning classroom topics.


You will be able to show pictures and hear sounds in seconds.
Quickly access the appropriate resources for topics as they are discussed.

Here's Just a Small Sample Of What's In The Interacive
Classroom Keypad Resources Package For Windows
* Dinosaurs
* Family Pets
* Zoo Animals
* Musical Instruments
* Australian Animals
* Plants Life Cycle
* Chicken Life Cycle
* Frog Life Cycle
* Colours Numbers & Shapes
* Healthy Choices
* Australian Foundational Phonics
* Farm Animals
* Butterfly Life Cycle
* Children of the World
* Making Friends

New Transparent Technology Enables The Keypad To Be Unobtrusive Yet Always Available On Your Big Screen, Laptop or PC.

Just One Click For Immediate Access To Any Of
The 15 Topics  - Without An Internet Connection
"My kids love it - And It's So
Simple To Use"

Danielle, ECT, Brisbane
Install the Kindy Keypad on all of your computers

Most software only allows a limited number of installs. With Kindy Keypad, you’ll be able to download and install it on as many computers as you’d like at the one registered address.

After you order, you’ll be emailed download instructions. So you can easily install it on additional computers that you might use in your classrooms.

* The Keypad is designed and produced for Windows Laptops, PC's And Big Touch Screens. It is not an iOS or Android Tablet or Smartphone App.

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We are confident you’ll absolutely love what the Kids Keypad can do for you.
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Please Be Assured That The Program
Is Certified Safe And Virus Free
When You See The Windows Defender Warning
Click More Info And Then Click Run Anyway
Technical Support - Simply Call Or Email The Program Producers, Trevor and Annie Boulton on
0417 90 6000 to talk through any installation issues or to discuss interactive multimedia teaching technologies

Developed and Produced In Australia by boultons Multimedia - Hervey Bay, Qld. 0417 90 6000

Designed By Professional  Educators To Suit From 2 - 8 Year Olds
The Foundational Phonics Are Spoken And Modelled By An Australian Teacher
Install the Keypad on all of your computers.

The One Site Licence Allows You To Install the Keypad on as many computers as you need. Most software only allows a limited number of installs. With Kids Keypad, you’ll be able to download and install it on as many computers as you’d like at the one registered purchase address.