How To Stop Tantrums

Dr. Paul Thomas provides three effective tips to stop tantrums. The first tip is to use isolation as a timeout strategy. When your child is out of control, calmly and robotically place them in a safe place, like their room, without showing anger or emotion. The goal is for the child to understand that they can come out of isolation once they can be quiet and calm.

The second tip is redirection. If you notice your child about to engage in negative behavior, quickly redirect their attention to something else. For example, if siblings are about to fight over a toy, point out other toys or activities they can engage in instead. This helps them forget about the negative behavior and focus on something positive.

The third tip is to create "Kodak" or "Instagram" moments. This involves verbally describing what you see with energy and enthusiasm. By doing this, you capture your child's attention and create a positive atmosphere without having to discipline or intervene. These moments can be brief, lasting about 5 to 10 seconds, but they help redirect your child's energy and prevent tantrums. Try to do this about 20 times a day.

Remember, the effectiveness of these tips may vary depending on your child and the situation. It's important to try different strategies and observe what works best for your child.

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