How To Prevent A Suicide

Learn to recognise the signs of a potential suicide. What to say and what to do if you are concerned that someone may be considering suicide. 

This training will enable you to act as a first responder and provide help to anyone who may be considering suicide.

3 simple steps to enable you to confidently talk to people about their suicidal thoughts and shows you how to get them help.

This video is being used extensively by corporate and government services to train staff in handling these difficult conversations.

Many hairdressers, teachers, accountants etc. are using this easy-to-use training to recognise and stabilize at-risk clients and learn how to get them the help they need.

Produced by Trevor and Annie Boulton, joint-founders of The Brain Health Education Institute. Trevor is a suicide survivor who understands the situations, thoughts and feelings that can lead to suicidal thoughts and how to talk about them.

Your conversation with a client, student or a workmate can help them clarify their thinking and consider how to move forward. Your conversation, coupled with referral information, can connect them with early intervention support services and appropriate professionals.




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