Celebrating 21 Years Of Producing 'Mental Health Education' Resources





We are encouraging and assisting Rotary, Lions and Apex Clubs to sponsor 200 books for their local high Schools year 12 students - as a Local Youth Mental Health Project.


A Letter From The Maryborough High School

Guidance Officer


"I would love to give each of these students a copy of this resource as a toolkit for later life. I would also love to have copies available for families grappling with mental health concerns as this may save a life.


I enthusiastically endorse this mental health resource and encourage other personnel working with young people to take it on board". 




This age group has the highest incidence of mental health concerns and also has major life changes


The handbook provides them with information and tools to ensure they can better cope with life's mental and emotional challenges. They can then pass this knowledge on to their own children.


More than 20 years of community and schools based mental health education and training, has proven to us that the best time in life to provide practical mental health information and bring about generational change is when teenagers are about to transition from a lifetime of family support to looking after themselves. They quite often have to move to a new city to go to University or look for employment.


They have to manage their own accommodation, food and drinks, their own sleep times, budgeting and part time work, whilst under increased study pressures. All of these extra responsibilities, whilst being separated from friends and family, can often be overwhelming.


We have seen far too many previously high achievers fail this transition and have to go back home with the guilt and shame of not meeting expectations (and with a large debt). All too often, this is the beginning of a downhill spiral of addictions, isolation and dysfunctional behaviours and self harm.


The practical, no jargon handbook provides teenagers with the knowledge and understanding of mental and emotional health and how to manage theirs and that of their future children.




We Are Offering A Special

'Service Club Sponsorship' Bulk Books Price


Single Books Normally Sell For $19 Each


The 200 Books Package Price Is $1,600.00

Which Is $8 Per Book - Including GST


We Also Include The Sponsoring Club's Logo

And Acknowledgment Of Their Support On The Back Cover





Deputy Prime Minister of Australia


"I congratulate Trevor and Annie Boulton for their efforts.Mental Health is essential to personal wellbeing, family and interpersonal relationships and the ability to contribute to community and society". 

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Queensland Minister For Health


"Resources for young people to develop healthy lifestyles and coping strategies are always welcome". 

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Medicare Local


"Trevor and Annie have been educating young people in schools and the wider community about mental illness for many years and produced the 'Toxic Thinking Apps' which have been downloaded many tens of thousands of times across the world".

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St James Lutheran College


"The information has helped not only arm our students with the basics of mental health care but we as teachers are better equipped to notice key issues that arise from our day to day work with adolescents.  I therefore, thoroughly endorse the work that Trevor and Annie Boulton are doing and the importance of training the next generation in the principles of holistic mental health".

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Hervey Bay Neighbourhood Centre


"I would like to encourage you to continue presenting this training to the community, workers and anyone else who will listen. Early intervention mental health is so needed in our community".

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Hope Centre Pastor - Logan City


'It's Trevor and Annie's plain English, down-to-earth and transparent approach that cuts through the jungle of academic speak that feels refreshing and keeps it real.


It’s holistic, not clinical - It's real and their language is plain English - They have a sense of humour - They are transparent and have a real story of their own mental health issues.


It's obvious that they love people and want to protect them from the kinds of mistakes that they made.




Matt, Family Counselor, Brisbane


Hey mate. I've spent way too much time today reading your new book because, although I'm supposed to be working, I can't put it down. It's just brilliant mate. I think it just brings all of your past work together into one big crescendo.


This will really set a lot of people free.

Well done both of you. This is a fantastic effort



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