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Brain Health is without a doubt, the most important aspect of any child's social and cognitive development

We firmly believe that poor brain health and our inclination towards quick energy boosting solutions are the root of many of the issues affecting our community health and social dysfunction. Addressing brain health will bring about major improvements in mental health, behaviour, heart disease, diabetes, obesity, depression, anxiety, suicide, family violence and addictions.

To assist in the implementation of community brain health, we produce a variety of age relevant educational and interactive training programs.

Our programs are endorsed by The Deputy Prime Minister of Australia, The Queensland Health Minister, Local Government, Community and Mental Health Sectors, Education, Youth Development and Employment Services.

Our many FREE training materials are being used by tens of thousands of people in more than 150 countries. New programs and resources are being developed regularly as distribution platforms and needs evolve.

Introducing Early Childhood Brain Health

A child's mental and emotional stability is founded on food, water and sleep. 

To empower early learning centres to improve the mental health of their local community, we have packaged all of the resources and training that we have developed over many years into one easy to implement interactive multimedia software program.

Equipped with our 'Brain Health Educator's Toolkit' centre directors can implement proven strategies to train staff and educate children and families. Brain Health Educators learn to recognise the symptoms and combat the underlying causes of mental health and behavioral problems early in a child's life.

The included 'Do It Yourself' version of The Amazing Brain Show is the spear-head of this proactive brain health initiative for children and family engagement and comes with the full scripts and audio commentary which can be used to present the show in locations where we are unable to present the 'Live' show.

The aim of The Amazing Brain Show is to give children a sense of wonder and self worth because their brain is truly amazing. It does wondrous things and with proper care is capable of almost anything.

A 30-45 minute show targeting K-6 is fun and at the same time educational. It's designed to introduce the concept of the importance of looking after the health of our brain. "Our brain is our body's computer and it needs good food, water and sleep to work properly. If it doesn't get enough of these things we don't feel well and happy, we have difficulty learning and we may have poor behaviour".

The show is based on Brian's Brain Book and features 'Brian the Amazing Brain'. Topics include basic interactive anatomy to demonstrate how amazing our brain must be to look after all of our body's systems; and to learn, to think and to feel. The colour of our wee tells us if we are drinking enough water. The children count the number of spoons of sugar in soft-drinks and learn how the things that we put in our mouth affect how we feel, behave and learn.

The children sing, laugh, and see the effects of sugar on their moods and learn the difference between everyday foods and sometimes foods and how they affect our emotions.

Participants are encouraged to access the free Brian's Brain Book Apps in order to take the brain health message home.

Reported Outcomes - Children have asked to eat fruit and veggies. They have gone home and been the 'wee police', talking about the relevance of wee colour. They've told how they 'can't' eat that food because there is just far too much sugar in it for their brain. And wondrously, some have asked to go bed earlier! Children are educating their parents and siblings.

With the Brain Health Educator's Toolkit, the director is resourced and equipped to train their staff, children and families to monitor their brain health through simple feedback loops. Family engagement is a big part of the toolkit.

Implementing this Brain Health strategy, with its Brain Health Educator Training and Accreditation, classroom resources, The Amazing Brain Show and the family engagement materials is reported to be responsible for substantial improvements in behaviour, learning outcomes and emotional well being across the globe. 

Introducing early childhood brain health establishes the foundations of physical health, mental health and emotional well-being. A child's brain health determines learning outcomes and behavior patterns for life.

Participants report that their staff and children have increased energy, improved emotional stability, the capacity to better cope with change and challenges and being able to work and learn at their full potential.

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