6. Understanding Circle Of Security Parenting

The Circle of Security is a framework that helps parents understand and respond to their child's emotional needs, promoting secure attachment and healthy development. It revolves around the idea that children need a secure base from which they can explore the world and a safe haven to return to when they need comfort and support.

In the Circle of Security, parents aim to strike a balance between providing a secure base and allowing their child to explore and develop independence. They learn to attune to their child's emotions, respond sensitively to their needs, and provide a secure and nurturing environment. This helps children develop a sense of trust, self-esteem, and resilience, as they learn that their caregiver is there for them and can be relied upon.





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Here are three questions related to Circle Of Security.

How can parents effectively navigate the emotional terrain of their child using The Circle of Security framework?

What are some practical strategies that parents can employ to enhance their understanding of their child's emotional needs within The Circle of Security framework?

Can you provide examples of how The Circle of Security framework can be applied in real-life parenting situations to foster emotional connection and responsiveness?