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Parenting is challenging and we all wonder if we are getting it right. You are not alone. Circle of Security™ is a parenting course based on decades of attachment research about how to build a strong relationship with your child. Unlike many behavioural perspectives Circle of Security™ offers relationship tools and a new way of understanding your child’s needs.


Be Bigger, Stronger, Wiser and Kind


Through the Circle of Security™-Parenting course, you’ll start to see that your child’s need for attention is actually a need for connection. You’ll learn how to be bigger, stronger, wiser and kind so you can set limits and take the time to understand your child’s emotional world.


You will learn how to:


  • Understand your child’s emotional world by learning to read their emotional needs
  • Support your child’s ability to successfully manage emotions
  • Enhance the development of your child's self-esteem
  • Honour your innate wisdom and desire for your child to be secure
  • Develop a positive and secure relationship with your child.


At times all parents feel lost or without a clue about what our child might need from us. Imagine what it might feel like if you were able to make sense of what your child was really asking from you. The Circle of Security Parenting™ program is based on decades of attachment-based research about how secure parent-child relationships can be supported and strengthened.




It has been reported that since the COVID lockdown, in Queensland alone, 2882 children under the age of 5 have visited hospital emergency rooms with anxiety, depression or suicidal intentions.


Post Pandemic Parenting has a whole new set of challenges with lifelong consequences for children's mental and emotion well-being.



In-person and Zoom training for groups and one-on-one delivery can be arranged by calling us for a date and time and Zoom meeting access details.


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Hosted by Annie Boulton

Registered COSP Facilitator and Co-Founder Of

The Brain Health Education Institute

397 The Esplanade

Hervey Bay, Queensland, 4655