The Men's 3 Hour 'Intensive' Parenting Course 

(With On-Going Implementation Support)


This personalised, one-on-one, Zoom-based parenting certificate course equips men with the tools and support to thrive, empowering them to build a lasting, fulfilling connection with their children.


Ideal for separated men dealing with child custody issues

 Master: Co-parenting, mental health, routines & connection.

Implement: Circle of Security for confident parenting.

Navigate: All ages, from tantrums to teens.

Establish: Clear boundaries & consequences.


In building this unique course, we have integrated the most effective and proven approaches from a range of trusted, evidence based programs.


This course is tailored to meet the specific needs of each participant, ensuring that they receive individualised guidance and support, offering times and days to suit participants' work schedules. Participants engage in direct, personal interactions with the course facilitator, allowing for a more focused learning experience.


The course begins with a 3 hour face to face session via Zoom, where participants watch and discuss 8 short videos and create a plan for implementing each topic.


By completing this certificate course, participants will gain the skills and the support needed to create a lasting and fulfilling relationship with their children, enhancing their overall parenting experience.


Following the course completion, we provide lifetime access to all course videos and implementation plans. We then schedule ongoing phone sessions with participants to ensure implementation of their new parenting skills.


Get personal guidance and build lasting skills through this intensive Zoom session

+ dedicated implementation coaching.

All for $295


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Course Participants Learn To -

Communicate effectively, prioritise children's needs, and create a workable parenting plan.

Recognise common challenges, support their children's well-being, and seek professional help when needed.

Understand the importance of establishing workable routines, and adapt to disruptions smoothly.

Foster strong bonds with their children and resolve conflict healthily.

Utilise the Circle of Security framework to nurture secure attachment in their children.

Set and enforce clear boundaries with consistent expectations.

Use positive and negative consequences strategically to guide behaviour.

Meet their children's needs at each stage of maturity to support their growth.

Navigate the complexities of adolescence through effective communication and clear boundaries.

Understand the "whys" of tantrums, prevent them, and respond effectively.

Be a supportive sounding board for their child, validate their feelings, and ask open-ended questions.


What People Are Saying

"I had the honour and privilege of being the first person to do The Men’s Parenting Course. Trevor and Annie Boulton are absolutely wonderful, understanding and helpful. The open discussions we had were extremely helpful for me, being a better parent to my two children. The knowledge and advice that the course provides has helped me immensely. Thank you so much Trevor and Annie"

Justin Elliott - Melbourne


Trevor & Annie Boulton


Circle Of Security Accredited | Lifeline Certified | Cert 4 Trainers


The Brain Health Education Institute

Hervey Bay | Brisbane | Gold Coast


+61 0417 90 6000

Unique Men's Parenting