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Our Parenting Toolkit is designed to address the common fears and uncertainties new parents face.

It’s a comprehensive resource that empowers parents with knowledge and skills to navigate the complexities of parenting with confidence. Drawn from the experience and insights of international experts, our toolkit offers reliable advice that’s grounded in the latest research based principles.


Having a trusted source to turn to can significantly reduce anxiety, giving people the peace of mind to enjoy the parenting journey - transforming fear into confidence.



Community Mental and Emotional Health Outcomes Are Mostly Determined In The Early Years


Provide your clients with a valuable resource that not only aids them in their parenting journey but also enhances your brand's visibility.

Our multimedia book, "How To Stay Sane Parenting," is now available for corporate branding, with licensing allowing you to provide it free to your clients in the geographic area of your branding.



'How To Stay Sane Parenting'

Our new multimedia book, "How To Stay Sane Parenting" is designed to be a comprehensive resource for parents.

The book is an interactive PDF designed to be viewed on any device. It appeals to readers and non-readers alike by incorporating 4 learning styles.



 6 Short videos on key parenting topics.



In-depth text about each topic.



6 Engaging podcast discussions.



Access to a 24/7 AI parenting coach chatbot for advice on parenting and mental health issues.



Developed by Trevor & Annie Boulton


Circle Of Security Accredited | Lifeline Certified | Cert 4 Training & Assessment


Founders of The Brain Health Education Institute

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What Parents Can Learn From The Book


Connection isn’t about perfection; it’s about presence. Be there for your child, listen, and cherish the moments. Avoid distractions

(particularly phones).



Parents understand the importance of establishing routines for young children and learn practical tips for parents to implement effective routines at home.


Parents discover the necessity of setting boundaries in child development and acquire techniques for parents to set and maintain healthy boundaries.

Circle of Security

Parents gain insights into the Circle of Security concept and its role in fostering secure parent-child relationships, complete with real-life examples.

Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs

Parents learn about Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs and how meeting these needs supports children's overall well-being and development.

How To Calm An Angry Child

Calm body, calm voice. Parenting involves wearing different hats. Imagine three roles: boundary-setter, empathizer, and decision maker.

The 24/7 Parenting Coach

Parents can access the AI Parenting Coach to ask parenting and mental health questions at any hour of the day or night.

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The Price Is $395

Along with your personalised master copy of the book, you receive lifetime rights to distribute your branded version in your service area.

Join us, and together, let’s make a positive impact on the mental health of the next generation.


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A Healthy Mind Needs

A Healthy Brain

The Brain Health Education Institute was established by husband and wife team, Trevor and Annie Boulton, from Queensland, Australia.

Through decades of research, working with the homeless and mentally ill, extensive consultation with the mental health sector, Mental Illness Education teaching in schools and personal lived experiences, they developed their range of practical solutions for mental health problems. The Brain Health Education Institute's apps and educational programs have over 200,000 users in 150 different countries, and that number is continuing to grow every day!

Traditional community mental health initiatives focus on managing mental illnesses after the symptoms become apparent. Whilst billions of dollars are poured into these programs every year, the mental health and well-being of the global community is continually getting worse and those diagnosed are getting younger every year.


(1% of the international mental health budget is being spent on early intervention and 99% on recovery programs)




Trevor & Annie Boulton


Circle Of Security Accredited | Lifeline Certified | Cert 4 Training & Assesment


Founders of The Brain Health Education Institute


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