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How To Be The Parent

Strengthening Parenting Skills and Children's Lifelong Mental and Emotional Well-being.

At the Brain Health Education Institute, we’re tackling a critical issue - community mental health. We recognize that the foundation of mental well-being lies in effective parenting. Childhood trauma can have lasting emotional consequences, affecting individuals throughout their lives.

To address this, we’ve curated the best parenting practices from leading psychologists and condensed them into short videos and informative content. Our goal? To create an affordable resource for parents.

The result is our new  interactive video PDF book, titled 'How To Be The Parent' priced under $10, and accessible on all devices and computers.

We’ve have also included ‘Annie,’ our Parenting Coaching ChatBot. 

Annie was extensively trained to provide 24/7 personalized guidance, helping parents establish clear guidelines, routines, discipline standards, and expectations within the family unit. By doing so, we empower both children and parents, fostering a sense of security and consistency.

Join us in improving parenting skills and children's lifelong mental and emotional well-being.




The 'How To Be The Parent' Book Includes


Six Short Videos And 'Annie' Our Coaching ChatBot


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