The Early Childhood Parenting Campaign 


Our Goal - Upskilling The Parents Of Early Learners

Strengthening Parenting Skills and Children's Lifelong Mental and Emotional Well-Being.

At the Brain Health Education Institute, we’re tackling a critical issue - the future of community mental health. Research confirms that the foundation of mental well-being lies in effective parenting. Childhood trauma can have lasting emotional consequences, affecting individuals throughout their lives.

In Australia, 99% of the mental health budget is currently being spent on dealing with symptoms and only 1% on prevention and early intervention.

We believe in taking proactive measures to avoid problems rather than dealing with their consequences later.

To address this, we’ve curated the best evidence-based information and parenting practices and condensed them into short videos and informative content. Our goal? To create and distribute a free resource for parents of early learners.

Our aim is to foster parental engagement and attachment, whilst establishing clear guidelines, routines, and expectations within the family unit. By doing so, we empower parents to 'be on the same page', while fostering a sense of security and consistency.

The result is our new Multimedia PDF, titled 'The Parenting Toolkit' accessible on all devices and computers.

We’ve have also included our AI parenting coach, extensively trained to provide 24/7 personalised guidance to parents.

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Please join us in the Parenting Education Campaign to improve parenting skills and children's lifelong mental and emotional well-being.


As a part of the 'Parenting Education Implementation Pack', you receive a corporately branded Parenting Toolkit with a distribution Site Licence, a step by step plan for staff training and ways to get the Free Parenting Toolkit to as many parents as possible.


To obtain maximum publicity for your part in the campaign, the implementation pack includes draft news media releases, sample social media posts and access to our media copywriting AI assistant.

Why Us?

We have spent the last 28 years researching, developing and providing early intervention mental health educational resources to all levels of education. For 9 of those years, we delivered Professional Development and 'The Amazing Brain Show' in Early Learning Centres across Australia.

Most recently, we have been delivering Parenting Education, as well as facilitating 'Circle of Security Parenting' particularly to parents who are mandated to do a parenting course during divorce proceedings.

Parenting is often a leading cause of family breakup. In these already stressful times, dysfunctional co-parenting can lead to domestic violence - and even more tragic outcomes.


It has been revealed that only 1% of the massive amounts of funding for mental health improvement is being spent on early intervention. We believe in taking proactive measures to avoid problems rather than dealing with their consequences later.


- Trevor & Annie Boulton 

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