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Circle of Security Parenting

Parenting is challenging and we all wonder if we are getting it right. Feeling that you are worthwhile, that you are safe and secure is at the heart of all relationships.

Circle of Security™ provides a roadmap to build supportive relationships by seeing beneath behaviours to discover your child’s real relationship needs.


The Consequences Of Unmet Needs
Why Healthy Relationships Are So Important
Starting with newborns, a responsive caregiver builds a strong foundation for a child’s development through "serve and return" interactions. These back and forth exchanges are the building blocks of children's early self worth and emotional development. They help children learn how to control their emotions, to cope with stress, and to learn skills that will serve as a positive (or dysfunctional) foundation for the rest of our lives.

The Foundations Of Wellbeing - Maslow For Early Learners

Maslow's Hierarchy of Human Needs demonstrates our body and brain’s needs for FOOD, WATER & SLEEP.

Simple feedback loops for all, even young children, keep a check on both, our physical, and our mental and emotional health.


The Importance Of Routines

Routines provide a sense of stability and predictability for children which helps them feel safe and secure, this is essential for their emotional development. Routines can also help children learn self-regulation and time management skills. When children know what to expect, they are less likely to feel anxious or overwhelmed.


Parenting Teenagers
Long before the teen years begin, it would be advantageous to understand these evidence-based strategies, to be able to enjoy your child's transition to adulthood. One of the world's leading parenting psychologists can help you develop a unique action plan for each teen. You’ll learn your main purpose as parents, the 3 stages of emotional maturity and how to decide on appropriate consequences. Knowing and implementing a few simple things can bring about amazing changes in the parenting dynamic and result in a lot less stress for everyone.

Understanding the Three Stages of Maturity
Understanding your pre-teen's current maturity stage will promote a healthier relationship, support their development, and facilitate their journey toward adulthood. Parents who have shared this video with their pre-teen or teen have been pleasantly surprised by their desire to co-operate on their journey to adulthood.

How To Talk To People

The ability to engage in effective and meaningful analogue (face-to-face) conversation is a crucial skill, not just for the older generations, but for today's youth as well. Despite the prevalence of digital communication platforms, there are several reasons why analogue conversation skills remain essential. Learn the Face To Face Serve and Return Conversation Technique, the fine balance of giving and taking in conversations and what to say and what to do when someone shares their problems.


Separation or Divorce

When it comes to helping children cope with separation and divorce: it's never the child's fault and nobody knows exactly why it has happened. The do's and dont's when considering separation or getting a divorce, with kids involved. What parents need to know.


How To Listen Like A Therapist

Learn what to say and what to do when people share their problems. This training video teaches the reflective listening skills that telephone crisis-line operators learn - before they can start listening to people's problems.



How To Prevent A Suicide

What  to say and what to do if you are concerned that someone may be contemplating suicide. This training will enable you to act as a first responder and provide help to anyone who may be considering suicide. The 10 minute 'ACT Against Suicide' video explains 3 simple steps to enable you to confidently talk to people about their suicidal thoughts and shows you how to get them help.



"How To Stay Sane In A Crazy World"

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This simple handbook provides insight into the causes of mental health problems and how to avoid them. Mental Health and emotional well-being requires a healthy brain, a clear conscience and a reason to live. What we eat and drink, and how we sleep, greatly affects how we think, feel and behave. Guilt and shame can lead to anxiety, depression and addictions. Connecting with people and having a purpose provides a reason to live.

Podcast About Topics in the 'How To Stay Sane In A Crazy World' book

These short talks, based on 'MASLOW' reveal the causes of mental health problems and how to avoid them - in a non-clinical, no jargon manner. It's a bit like teaching people to swim instead of having to rescue them when they are drowning.



A WebApp about causes of distorted thinking and irrational behaviours


Parenting Toolkit Fridge Magnets


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