Our Journey

The Brain Health Education Institute was established by husband and wife team, Trevor and Annie Boulton, from Queensland, Australia. Through decades of research, working with the homeless and mentally ill, extensive consultation with the mental health sector, Mental Illness Education teaching in schools and personal lived experiences, they developed their range of practical solutions for mental health problems. The Brain Health Education Institute's apps and educational programs have over 100,000 users in 150 different countries, and that number is continuing to grow every day!

Trevor Boulton - Executive Director

In my early twenties, I was intent on 'making it' in life. I accepted a position as Victorian manager of an international company, responsible for over 100 staff. Ever increasing targets from New York and constant pressure meant I began working from early morning until after midnight, seven days a week. I lived on fast-foods and drank only coffee and coke. The lack of sleep, constant rejections, pressures and lack of family time led me to drink alcohol heavily to be able to sleep. Eventually, I had a mental breakdown, became suicidal and was committed to a psychiatric institution in Melbourne where I stayed for many months diagnosed with Bipolar Disorder.

It became clear to me, later in life that the lack of sleep, dehydration, stress and poor nutrition had caused a breakdown in my brain function and distorted my thinking. I am now much more cautious with what I take on. I make sure that I eat well, get enough sleep and drink two glasses of water before every meal.  My only medication now is to eat a can of sardines whenever I start feeling stressed or depressed (or whenever my family tell me that I need to!)"

Annie Boulton - Executive Director

"As a young self-employed woman, I found myself working very long hours. I became run-down, skipping meals and drinking lots of coffee to keep me going. Eventually, this took its toll and I had a breakdown - what is now known as a Psychotic episode. It took years to fully recover my mental health and live a normal life, which was achieved through the support of my family and paying more attention to the fuel I was giving my brain- food, water and sleep.

Since then, I have dedicated my life to showing others how to avoid these issues, protect their mental state and develop good brain health habits.