A New Approach to Mental Health - Building a Foundation for the Next Generation

The BHEI was originally established to provide strategies to support wellbeing. Instead of looking at symptoms of mental health crises, after they appear, we believe education around protective and preventative strategies will build resilience. 

Both, Trevor and Annie, have had their personal journeys with mental illness and have spent their lives working in a variety of settings, in the community and in schools, to bring greater understanding and coping strategies.

They have a non clinical, simple, practical approach to life and their work. Their own journeys through divorce and child rearing bring a range of experiences which provide understanding and empathy.

Family is often where we learn coping mechanisms, and we believe, family is where the greatest positive impact for change can occur. Whilst parents are the most prominent and ideal ‘model’ for wellbeing, the stressors that occur in relationship breakdowns significantly impact both parents, and the children’s mental health.

Offering support and safe spaces to learn new ways of coping with the changes in these challenging times, makes a huge difference in how all parties cope. Men, generally, seem to be more isolated & less likely to have support in these difficult times which is why we have now created our men’s parenting course.