Stress, anxiety and depression often result in staff burnout. Repeatedly listening to people's problems can cause vicarious trauma and a feeling of helplessness





This training is Maslow based and includes the reflective listening skills that telephone crisis-line operators learn - before they can start listening to people's problems


It is conversational with roleplay and encourages discussion


Upskilling people who regularly deal with the public is proving to be a very valuable early intervention strategy


Using these skills also protects from possible anxiety and depression caused by vicarious trauma and the need to 'fix things'


All of our slide decks are free to use

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We use Google Slides (many with short videos and presenter notes) and it's ideal for small groups

Mental Health Self Care


How To Stay Sane In A Pandemic


How To Stay Sane In Early Education


How To Stay Sane In Nursing


How To Stay Sane Foster Caring


How To Stay Sane In Salons


How To Stay Sane In Ministry


How To Stay Sane In Hospitality


How To Stay Sane In Retail


How To Stay Sane In Real Estate


How To Keep Your Shit Together



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The costs involved in stress leave, staff replacement amd workplace disruption are enormous and rising daily.


Learn to deliver the insights and knowledge we are presenting to nurses, teachers, childcare workers, hair dressers and telephone crisis line counsellors.


Meet virtually or in person with the founders of The Brain Heath Education Institute


The one hour session, focusses on your sector, has a certificate of completion in 'Mental Health Self Care' and has a cost of $100.


Our trainers receive full access to all of the sector versions, blank attendance certificates and unlimited copies of the ‘How To Stay Sane In A Crazy World” eBook - and our ongoing support.


We know that this training is ideal for staff orientation, reduces burnout and absenteeism and the knowledge gained increases workplace morale and productivity. It also increases staff resilience and their ability to deal with difficult situations.


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Annie & Trevor Boulton

(Founders of The Brain Health Education Institute)

For 20 years, Annie owned and operated hair salons in city, suburban and regional areas, so is able to appreciate the value that salon staff (and other frontline workers, e.g. educators, hospitality staff, Uber drivers etc.) provide to their communities and the personal costs involved.


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