How To Avoid Compassion Fatigue


"If you are regularly listening to other people's problems, you risk becoming overwhelmed and exhausted"


If you work in a professional setting that deals with other people’s trauma day in and day out you may experience the physical, emotional, and psychological impact of helping others — compassion fatigue.


Trained therapists know how to listen and respond in a way that reduces their risk of becoming emotionally engaged and negatively affected by clients issues.


Most people experiencing emotional problems or family issues, do not seek professional help, they talk to a trusted friend, workmate, teacher, accountant, Vet or hairdresser.


In just 10 minutes the How To Respond When People Tell You Their Problems video covers the basic training that telephone counsellors receive - before they start listening to people's problems.


Watch the video a few times, remember the steps and begin using these skills in your everyday conversations.


Upskilling frontline people who regularly deal with the public is proving to be a very valuable early intervention strategy which is saving lives. Using these skills also protects from possible anxiety and depression caused by vicarious trauma.


Knowing how to listen and respond to someone experiencing an emotional crisis, domestic abuse or suicidal thoughts can be lifesaving and at the same time personally rewarding.



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Annie & Trevor Boulton (Founders of The Brain Health Education Institute)

For 20 years, Annie owned and operated hair salons in city, suburban and regional areas, so is able to appreciate the value that salon staff (and other frontline workers, e.g. educators, hospitality staff, Uber drivers etc.) provide to their communities and the personal costs involved.


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