The Holistic Mental Health Training Certificate Course


This self-paced course steps through all 5 tiers of 'Maslow's Plan For Mental Health' and provides information and insights into our basic DNA thinking and how trauma can influence our adult thoughts, feelings, behaviours and addictions.


Traditional community mental health initiatives focus on managing mental and emotional illnesses after the symptoms become apparent. Whilst billions of dollars are poured into these programs every year, the mental health and well-being of the global community is continuing to deteriorate and those diagnosed are getting younger every year. Almost one in seven (13.9%) 4-17 year-olds were assessed as having mental disorders in the last 12 months.


More than half a century of experience, observation and research at The Brain Health Education Institute indicates that building immunity in early childhood increases resilience and enables people to better handle the challenges and traumas that our modern lifestyle presents. The resilience built in early childhood is essential to handling the teenage years. Economic research shows that for every dollar spent building immunity in early childhood seven dollars are saved in treatment costs later in life.


The How To Protect Your Mental Health Certificate is a level 3, self-paced training course which enables participants to understand and know how to improve the mental health of their community. The course content is a curation of information from the most respected experts in their field. An Accreditation Certificate and listing as a Holistic Mental Health Educator is available at the end of this short course.


We believe that education, with regards to building immunity and giving people the skills to manage their mental health, will reduce the incidences of teenage self harm, combat many social dysfunctions and addictive behaviours, and improve community health.


Holistic Mental Health Modules Connect

The Body, The Mind and The Spirit


Together, we can bring about generational change by spreading the word that small changes to our hydration, nutrition, sleep habits and sugar consumption can radically improve our brain health and build mental and emotional resilience. Ensuring Maslow's Basement needs are met will build resilience and immunity.


The course content is similar to our 'How To Stay Sane In A Crazy World" book. It has 3 sections - Body, Mind and Spirit, consisting of 30 individual topic pages with a narrated video and lesson notes on each page. Completion time has been typically 2 hours.


Some benefits of Holistic Health Education are Lowered Absenteeism, Staff Retention, Reduced Stress, Increased Motivation, Optimised Performance, Enhanced Well-being, Positive Environment and Improved Mental and Emotional Resilience.


"In the course I have added some comments from my own personal journey from dysfunction to recovery. Not because my story is special, but because my story is likely to mirror your story".  - Trevor


Trevor & Annie Boulton - Founding Directors

The Brain Health Education Institute


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Spending 10 minutes each day reading one chapter of the book (or the online course) will lead to much improved mental health and a new wellbeing plan for the participant - in about 30 days.


After reading the chapter, answer these questions -


What new knowledge did I gain from this chapter?


Now that you know this, how will I apply it in my life?