Celebrating 21 Years Of Producing 'Mental Health Education' Resources





Trevor and Annie Boulton, producers of the world acclaimed 'Toxic Thinking' Apps, mental health education programs, 'Holistic Mental Health' online training course and founders of the Institute,  have combined the knowledge gained from their own lived experiences and years of research, to produce a unique, new early intervention resource.


This new book reveals the causes of mental health problems and how to avoid them - in a non-clinical, easy to read manner.

It's a bit like teaching people to swim instead of having to rescue them when they are drowning.


This Psychologist endorsed handbook provides people with information and tools to ensure they can better cope with life's mental and emotional challenges. They can then pass this knowledge on to their families and friends.



Holistic Mental Health Means To Have

A Healthy Brain

A Clear Conscience

And A Reason To Live






Child And Youth Mental Health Psychologist


"When I received a copy of Annie and Trevor Boulton’s book “How to Stay Sane in a Crazy World” I was buoyed by the simplistic yet comprehensive information it contains. This book covers the core factors related to meeting a child’s needs and protecting mental health. What’s better is that it is not written with jargon or technical terminology that alienates or confuses people, but rather has a clear and easy to read format with great images to help get the message across.". 

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High School Guidance Officer


"I would love to give each of these students a copy of this resource as a toolkit for later life. I would also love to have copies available for families grappling with mental health concerns as this may save a life.


I enthusiastically endorse this mental health resource and encourage other personnel working with young people to take it on board". 

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High School School Principal


"This resource is a great overview of aspects that contribute to and help sustain good mental health. It is a very timely additional tool for our student welfare team during these challenging times when we are seeing a marked increase in anxiety". 

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'It's Trevor and Annie's plain English, down-to-earth and transparent approach that cuts through the jungle of academic speak that feels refreshing and keeps it real.


It’s holistic, not clinical - It's real and their language is plain English - They have a sense of humour - They are transparent and have a real story of their own mental health issues.


It's obvious that they love people and want to protect them from the kinds of mistakes that they made.

- Hope Centre Pastor - Logan City



Hey mate. I've spent way too much time today reading your new book because, although I'm supposed to be working, I can't put it down. It's just brilliant mate. I think it just brings all of your past work together into one big crescendo.


This will really set a lot of people free.

Well done both of you. This is a fantastic effort

 - Matt, Family Counselor, Brisbane




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